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Hello there, and welcome to my personal website. This is a website that is written by a mom, who has lived through a lot. I am a cancer survivor, mother, retired teacher, triathlete, and all around go-getter. And my website features all of my musings and the different things that I have encountered in my life. You can read all about what I have written through my various posts. Those posts are also arranged by different categories. So if you want to read about my health tips, just head on over to my website’s health section. The website is organized neatly into different sections, to make it easier for my website’s readers to navigate around.

You can find inspirational posts, stories and other content on my website. So if you want to grow a little bit every day, you can go on the same journey I am going through. Life is full of surprises and little adventures. And you can read about my little adventures as well. You can look through all of the old posts that I have on this website, to be able to read through all of the past adventures that I have gone through. My travels, lessons, and so much more are all on my blog posts. I promise that you can learn something if you just take the time to read through my blog.

Growing together

Ciao mom in a nutshell

My website is all about the different things I can teach to other people. I write about my life, productivity, health tips, and a whole range of other topics as well. You can look through these individual website categories to read what I have personally learned through my life. My inspirations are numerous, and I want to share what inspires me, to my readers. And I hope by reading through my website, you can learn to get inspired too!

My family is one of the most important things in my life. And being a mother has taught me a lot about caring for a full family. You can read about my cooking, homemaking, and child-rearing tips and guides on my website. I try to cover a wide range of different topics as it relates to family life. So there are a lot of parenting tips, baby guides, cooking guides, and a whole lot more on my website.

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My life

I also try to write about my personal life as well. So I try to include the details about what I have been doing day to day. This is a personal blog in addition to a website, after all. So all of my readers can read about what I have been doing lately. I try to write about my day job, what movies I have seen, books I have read, etc. And on all of my posts, I try to include a little inspirational content for my readers to get a benefit out of!

Since I am a cancer survivor, I am much more conscious about my own personal health. Ever since I beat back cancer in my life, I have become much more proactive about taking better care of my health. I am a mother, and I want to be there for my children as they grow older. So I try to take care of my health as much as possible. I also try to spread health awareness to anyone that takes the time to read through my blog. So I try to share tips and guides on how to take better care of your personal health.

Yoga, dieting, sleeping habits, nutrition, and many other health topics will be covered by my blog. All of the readers, who come to my website, will learn a thing or two, about taking better care of their health. There are a lot more in-depth guides on health on my website. We’ll also cover various cooking techniques, from grilling, to baking, to cooking with a sous vide machine from

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I am a retired teacher, and throughout my career in education, I have learned quite a few things about maximizing personal productivity. And I share all of those tips to help everyone do more in their lives. By sharing my posts on productivity, I hope to spread more productive habits among my readers. And to that end, I try and write about tips and guides on how to be more personally productive in life. I also try to live as an example to my readers as well. So this will means that I also try to practically follow the productivity tips on my website. I am still learning about personal productivity, so there is a lot more to write about the subject.

Doing more is a personal mantra of my mine. And doing more in life requires more than just being busy. It takes inspiration to also increase personal productivity. So I hope to feed your personal inspiration. I try to lead as much of a positive life that I can. And I share that positivity with all of my readers. My posts are all positive, and I want to inspire the readers who read my website. So I try to share some of the best stories and moments of my life!

There is a lot more that you can find on my website, so just browse through my archive if you would like to read more about me. There are a lot of old posts on the archive of my website, which you can read through at your own convenience. So be sure to check out what I have written in the past to see what else I have been up to. This website has been on the internet for several years now, so there is sure to be something that you can read on my post’s archive if you look hard enough.

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