A More Birthdays Recipe for Life

by Elena on October 4, 2012 in Cancer,Giving Back

The perfect recipe for any birthday celebration is actually a very easy to create mix of three things: laughter, family & friends, and an activity that gets you off your feet and moving.

The truth is that this recipe of laughter, movements, and family or friends is also a perfect blend for living life.


Red rock VIP lanes.jpg

Recently, Blogalicious conference attendees had the opportunity to partake in this recipe, to celebrate a life with More Birthdays and the American Cancer Society at the VIP lanes at the Red Resort in Las Vegas. Not only did the evening of bowling exemplify the idea of celebration and remembering those that inspire us to fight for a life with more birthdays, but it was a reminder of the importance of these three key ingredients in every day life.


Bowling for more birthdays
Laughter and bowling go hand in hand. Whether you are laughing at yourself for perfecting the gutter ball, or giggling along with friends as your bowling mates perfect their signature post bowling pose, even the most serious and competitive bowling fans have ten rounds of laughable moments.

Bowling for more birthdays at Blogalicious
Bloggers Renee J. Ross and Kris Cain laughing, moving,
and fighting for More Birthdays
You may think of bowling as a fitness activity like running, tennis, or swimming, but it absolutely requires movement. Whether you are engaging your core as we tried to do as we stepped up to the lane, or the lunge of releasing the ball…you are absolutely moving. Then of course, there is the dancing to the music in between rounds of bowling, that rounds out the experience leaving you feeling strong and healthy.

Family and friends
A celebration of life is made all the more special when it is celebrated with friends and family. A social media conference is like a family reunion, bringing together your extended community. Bowling together, or against one another, gives you a whole new sense of appreciation for the people that you interact with online every day.


The American Cancer Society, the official sponsor of More Birthdays, reminded each of us that night in Las Vegas,  of the importance and power of a laughter, movement, and friendship as a recipe for our every day lives.

Have you gotten your daily dose of laughter, movement, and time with friends or family today?

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Ciao Mom


Disclaimer: As a member of the American Cancer Society Blogger Advisory Council, the American Cancer Society is assisted me with some expenses to attend the Blogalicious conference. All opinions are my own.


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Boston Mamas October 4, 2012 at 8:06 pm

As always, I loved seeing you Elena! xoxo

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