The Journey of the Bloggers4Haiti

March 14, 2012
Ciao Mom

There are moments in life that are unforgettable. Moments that leave a mark that will never be replaced.  Moments of time with a group of amazing women…bloggers, mentors, entreprenuers, philanthropists, and friends. We traveled to Haiti to meet the artisans of Heart of Haiti, a trade not aid organization. We left Haiti with so much more. […]

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Empowering Artists in Haiti with the Artisans Business Network

March 7, 2012
Empowering Artisans through the Artisans Business Network | Ciao Mom

To many, Haiti represents danger, poverty, sadness, and chaos.  But the stories of the men and women artisans that make up the Artisans Business Network (ABN) tell a different story. Stories that show through the work ad heart of artisans like Jean Baptiste a master voodoo flag artist, or Rony Jacques the incredibly generous and […]

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Meeting the Women of Dam Dam

February 14, 2012
The Women of Dam Dam | Ciao Mom

A group of women working on their craft + Bloggers yearning to tell a story + Talk of Internet= Pure Magic Meeting the Women of Dam Dam During our Bloggers4Haiti trip to Haiti, we stopped in Leogane, the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake, one hour outside of Port au Prince, to meet the ladies of […]

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Finding Beauty in Haiti

February 7, 2012
Beadwork pillows by Jean Baptiste | Ciao Mom

Beauty. Sheer beauty. Beauty is a subjective quality. It can be elusive for some. Abundant for others. I feel lucky to have found such vivid examples of beauty during my trip to Haiti. Beauty in artistry. Beauty in the landscapes. Beauty in people. Beauty. That is what I found in Haiti. What beauty have you […]

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Party Time with Snapfish

February 6, 2012
First Class Snapfish Party | Ciao Mom

This past weekend, I was able to spend several afternoon hours with friends for a First Class Travel themed party.  It was a perfect afternoon, one that I was fortunate enough to co host with Leticia (aka @TechSavvyMama), where we shared our  life changing trip to Haiti, with our friends, courtesy of Snapfish. Our First […]

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Working Towards Self Sufficiency in Haiti

January 31, 2012
Seeing progress at work at J/P HRO | Ciao Mom

“How was your trip? Was it so hard? Was it sad?” The amount of times that I have been asked this question upon my return from Haiti are too many to count. I understand the question. I understand the reason for the question.  We see images in the media all the time depicting the tragedy […]

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Be Enough Me: Building Capacity

January 23, 2012
 Building capacity in Haiti | ciao mom

As day two of our Bloggers4Haiti trip comes to an end, I am still processing much of what we have seen, learned, and felt since touching down in Port au Prince. But my gut knows something about this place, this magical country, whose story can be told through the smiles, the expressions, the crowds on […]

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Leaving for Haiti

January 20, 2012
donating supplies to Haiti | Ciao Mom

Very soon, I will be on a flight, almost ready to touch down in Port Au Prince Haiti for what I would call, the trip of a lifetime. Getting ready for a trip of this sort is no small task.  There were schedules to coordinate for Principessa.  There were play dates and dentist appointments, husbands […]

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Marking an Anniversary in Haiti

January 11, 2012
Two year anniversary of Haitian earthquake | Ciao Mom

Two years ago, life for the people and nation of Haiti changed forever.  The 201o earthquake ravaged the small island nation.  With a 7.0 magnitude and an epicenter so close to the nation’s capital, the death toll and amount of catastrophic tragedy paralyzed the country taking over 200,000 lives and leaving millions homeless. But not […]

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