Once Upon a Wig

October 9, 2012
Once Upon a Wig | Ciao Mom

The feeling of mesh as it touched my fingers sent an invisible shock to my brain. The webby feeling triggered silent alarms in my brain, and my heart.  It was immediate. Unexpected. Visceral. The blue wig symbolized being fierce. Knowing that you can conquer anything, and a future of empowering other young girls and women […]

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A More Birthdays Recipe for Life

October 4, 2012
Red rock VIP lanes.jpg

The perfect recipe for any birthday celebration is actually a very easy to create mix of three things: laughter, family & friends, and an activity that gets you off your feet and moving. The truth is that this recipe of laughter, movements, and family or friends is also a perfect blend for living life.   […]

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How Type-A Parents Fight for More Birthdays

July 5, 2012
How Type-A Parents Fight for More Birthdays | Ciao Mom

“How do you fight for More Birthdays” was a question that I asked many Type-A Parent attendees over the course of the multi day social media and blogging conference. Time and time again I got the question, “what do you mean More Birthdays?” As I described the efforts of the America Cancer Society and the […]

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Staying Fit for More Birthdays

June 26, 2012
Staying Fit for More Birthdays | Ciao Mom

Activity. Fitness. We know that staying active contributes to better health and well being. As a cancer survivor I can say without a shadow of a doubt that fitness helped me recover, stay strong, and stay optimistic through it all. During the Type-A Parent conference last weekend I had the opportunity to interview bloggers to […]

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More Birthdays at the Type-A Parent Conference

June 18, 2012
Getting ready for the Type A Parent Conference | Ciao Mom

14 years ago (this very week) I sat in a hospital bed at Georgetown Hospital, in the transplant unit, recovering from my bone marrow transplant for my Hodgkins Disease. On June 12, 1998 the nurses gave me the IV drugs that would make that day my new birthday. From that point onward, my life was […]

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Celebrating National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 3, 2012
Celebrating National Cancer Survivor

Surviving cancer is a bit like being a Girl Scout, where you earn lots of badges of honor for your hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Instead of a green vest, your body wears the honors of scars from procedures and infinite blood draws. The hard work of survival starts not during your time as a […]

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Getting on the Listen to Your Mother Stage

May 10, 2012
listen to your mother dc | Ciao Mom

The DC Listen to Your Mother Show was three days ago. Since then I have been bombarded with questions. How was the show? Were you nervous? What was it like? Will there be another show? The truth is that I am not sure I can put my experience stepping onto the Listen to Your Mother […]

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New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

April 19, 2012
Cervical Screening Guidelines | Ciao Mom

One month ago I had my uterus and cervix removed in large part because of my medical history. My medical history that already includes one malignancy.  My medical history that excludes me from the regular population of healthy 37 year old women. My history that has included more birthdays, year after year, as a survivor […]

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I am Thankful for Cancer

March 1, 2012
Thankful for Cancer | Ciao Mom

March is going to be a big month for me. For lots of reasons. Good reasons. Hard reasons. Sad reasons. Exciting reasons.  I will do lots of sharing, over time. To kick it off today, I would like to start with a letter written to Principessa. ——- I am thankful….that I had cancer. The fact […]

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Shop to Help Children With Cancer

November 18, 2011
Fight childhood cancer | C.Mom

Having cancer as an adult is no day at the park. It is scary, debilitating, life changing, and sometimes life ending.  As a survivor, I know how lucky I am. It makes me sick every time I hear of someone being diagnosed with one of the many cancers that are out there.  My entire being […]

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