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Evolution of a Blogger

June 28, 2012
The Evolution of a Blogger | Ciao Mom

Almost three years ago I was sitting on my couch, home with Principessa, my at that time almost five year old daughter, both of us ridden with strep throat. Newly engaged, planning my second wedding, I remember that day well. My fingers keyed in a URL and I came upon Blogger, with the specific purpose […]

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The Role of a Mentor

June 21, 2012
The Role of a Mentor | Ciao Mom

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes. We have personal mentors and professional mentors. Mentors that support us, encourage us, inspire us to push just a little bit harder or remind us to take a deep breath every now and then. Mentors are a cornerstone of being successful in any industry providing professionals with a […]

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What is Your Why?

June 11, 2012
What is your Why | Ciao Mom

From goal setting to starting my “what lights me up list” I have been on a very reflective journey lately. An appropriate journey for someone who is about to leave behind their career of twelve years to follow a new passion, but still…a journey. The journey began with the creation of a list. Anything and […]

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How to Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals

June 7, 2012
How to Create SMART Goals | Ciao Mom

Have you ever set a goal? Did you reach it? Or did it elude you? From children to adults, in our personal or professional lives,  setting goals is an important part of being successful in any field. But a goal is not really a goal….until you do something very intentional about it. “Goals are dreams […]

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Is it on the List?

May 30, 2012
Is it on the List | Ciao Mom

38 items have made their way onto my What Lights Me Up List so far. Things like: All things Haiti Raising awareness about causes that I adore Singing prayers with Principessa at bedtime Coaching a colleague through a problem solving situation Being Interviewed Public Speaking Facilitating a brainstorming session Getting on a plane Mentoring I […]

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Finding Your Why With a List

May 24, 2012
Finding your Why by Making a List | Ciao Mom

There has been a lot of talk lately about finding your WHY. Developing your purpose. Being intentional. It seems to be a chorus that is being echoed in circles everywhere I go, and one that I personally am trying to contend with as I make possible the most daunting (and exiting) professional transition in my […]

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Embracing my Inner Wonder Woman

May 17, 2012
embrace-your-inner-wonder-woman | Ciao Mom

I am not Wonder Woman. But I play one virtually. Or try. In this last week, I was hired for a major freelance assignment. An amazing opportunity. One that I could not say no to. But also? One that had a deadline for part of the work that would keep me up until late hours, […]

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What I Learned at Mom 2.0 Summit

May 7, 2012
What I learned at Mom 2.0 | Ciao Mom

Mom 2.0… Two and a half days. Amazing women. Inspiring women. Passionate and intelligent women. A shared desire to learn, to reflect, to connect, and to move forward. I could probably spend a week sharing tidbits and morsels of wisdom that were shared during the conference. But the truth is that there were common themes […]

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Why Blogs are Not Dying

April 26, 2012
why-blogs-are-not-dying | Ciao Mom

“Blogs are slogs” according to a USA Today article by Roger Wu on April 20. “With the emergence of social media, more companies are replacing blogs with nimbler tools requiring less time and resources…” My dad, who I might consider hiring to develop my (non existent) business plan for my transition from teaching to writing/social […]

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What I Have Learned About Working From Home

March 28, 2012
What I have Learned about Working From Home | Ciao Mom

Two weeks at home gave me a unique view into the working at home life.  Well ok, technically, I was at home recovering from my surgery for two weeks, but I could not help but feel like this was my “dry run” at what life will be like when I join the forces of WAHM’s […]

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