Feeling Pretty

November 5, 2012
Shopping at Nordstrom for a Black Tie Dress | Ciao Mom

“What does it matter if you are pretty as long as you are with your uncle and having a good time?” Wise words from an eight year old fashionista daughter to her mom. Words that came after spending an hour watching her mom try on dresses for an upcoming (as in five days from now) […]

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Runners World Half Marathon Fear and Excitement

October 17, 2012
Preparing for the Runners World Half Marathon  | Ciao Mom

Getting excited (and also a bit anxious) before a big endurance event that you have trained for is normal.  But what about an event that although you have trained, is not going to represent your peak performance? An event that was last minute and that you are going into with incredibly low expectations? The feeling […]

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Once Upon a Wig

October 9, 2012
Once Upon a Wig | Ciao Mom

The feeling of mesh as it touched my fingers sent an invisible shock to my brain. The webby feeling triggered silent alarms in my brain, and my heart.  It was immediate. Unexpected. Visceral. The blue wig symbolized being fierce. Knowing that you can conquer anything, and a future of empowering other young girls and women […]

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What is Live.Do.Grow?

September 27, 2012
What is Live.Do.Grow. | Ciao Mom

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought about who you are and what you stand for? I seem to be doing this a lot lately. Thinking about my many life roles. My many responsibilities. My many passions. I started telling stories in this space to reflect on being a cancer survivor turned mom turned […]

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How Are You Unapologetically Strong?

September 18, 2012
Unapologetically Strong | Ciao Mom

Unapologetically strong does not mean insensitive or rude.  It does not mean indifferent or iron-fisted. When I think of being unapologetically strong I think of the fact that I am passionate and care deeply about certain topics, friends, and family. I think of being unapologetically strong when I share viewpoints that may nor may not […]

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Have You Seen My It?

August 1, 2012
Finding our Focus | Ciao Mom

From the 2012 Olympics, to Pinterest, to the aisles in Whole Foods, we see reminders each day that tell us to “go for it.” (a greeting card in Whole Foods) People say it easily, like taking the lead is something that just about anyone can do. And as I looked through the pictures from our […]

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Five Easiest Things I Have Ever Done

July 24, 2012
Five Easiest things I have ever done | Ciao Mom

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? At its core, this question does not seem difficult. My answer should be easy. My answer should be that beating cancer was the hardest thing I have ever done. Except that it is not. Life is hard. Every single part of it. Even the good things […]

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A Path Not Taken

July 16, 2012
A Path Not Taken | Ciao Mom

A lifetime in Italy. Living, working. Continuing the streak of back and forth across the pond adventures that my family has taken over the years. That is the life that I thought I was going to have when I graduated from college. Moving to Florence, Italy for one year was just the beginning. It would […]

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From P90x to Triathlons to Now

January 5, 2012
An Evolving Fitness Journey | Ciao Mom

One year ago, I was gearing up to reclaim my fitness.  I was prepped, motivated, and ready to find my way back to my body, back to a fit me that was confident and strong, and healthy. I bought the P90x system, equipped our workout room with a pull up bar and bought new flooring […]

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