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Natalie December 2, 2010 at 7:08 pm

I am really dumb when it comes to most things. I don’t know if this is how I’m supposed to get in touch with you to tell you how much I enjoy your”ramblings” or do I go to

I’m not sure if your mom told me about your illness, but I am happy to hear you’re doing well now. I called your writing “ramblings” because that’s what I do. I start on one subject and then go on to another not remembering I didn’t finish the first. There are so many things in people’s backgrounds that are so common it’s scary. The joy you feel being with your daughter is the same joy I had and still have being with my 42 yr. old unmarried (that part kills me) daughter and my 40 yr. old son, who is married with a boy and two girls. It’s true you’d give up your life for your children, but you’d give up your life, your spouses and anyone elses’ that would help if something happened to a grandchild. My grandson crept into my heart are we layed spoon style when he was 1 month old. He cried at the wedding we were all at so I unselfishly offerred my babysitting skills to alleviate their distress. He and I fell asleep spooning and ever since then he is my heart. Don’t misunderstand, I adore the two girls, but he is my heart and he knows it. Everyone should know there’s someone out there that loves them more than their own life and would do anything for them. I had that in my maternal grandfather and when he passed away I went into a deep depression. Noone would ever love me the way he did. To this day, and 4 psychiatrists and 3 psychologists and multiple tests and meds I still feel that way. There are all different kinds of love, but there’s one special one that makes you feel worthwhile. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, I only know that’s how I feel.

See what I mean? I go from topic to topic and never really finish anything. Maybe that’s what so charming about me. I’m self deprecating, I beat others to the punch before they deprecate all over me. Special people, like your mom, can make all that go away at least for awhile and make you feel like a mensch. G d bless you and your whole family. Natalie


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