Family advice

6 tips for finding a competent babysitter

Whenever you just want to spend a night relaxing and not having to deal with the pressures of family life, there can be something that you can do. You could try to find a babysitter to watch your kids for you. You can actually free up a lot of your own time if you find a good babysitter. And you should have a babysitter on hand whenever necessary because you never know when an emergency could arise and you are needed somewhere else. So this will mean that you should have a babysitter that you can call and hire right away. So if you want to find a trustworthy person to hire, as a babysitter for your kids, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind.

  1. Ask around your neighborhood, you can try to ask other parents who have got little children as well. They probably know a trustworthy person that you can hire, as a babysitter for your own kids. It is always a good place to start when you ask the neighborhood parents, whether or not they can suggest someone watch your kids for you. They may even know a reasonably priced babysitter in your areas as well.
  2. Interview the babysitter before you hire them. It may not be a formal job, but it is still a good idea to hold a formal interview with your prospective babysitter. You can ask them a few questions about the experience that they have. And you will also get to know the babysitter better if you have an interview with them before you hire their services.
  3. Try to ask the babysitter for references. When you are interviewing the babysitter, you should also try to ask them if they can give you any of their references. Ideally, if they have had a lot of experience, they should be ready to give you the contact number of their references. And if you do get a contact number for their reference, you should also follow up immediately.
  4. Have a test run. This will mean that you can hire your babysitter on a trial basis. You can try them out for a single night to see if you they are good with their services. Doing a trial run of a single night of babysitting services is a great way to test out the quality of the service that a babysitter provides. Never promise to hire them regularly on the spot. Instead, you should tell them that you are ready to hire them for a trial period basis.
  5. Hire locally for a babysitter. The closer that a babysitter lives by your place, the better it will be to hire them. This is because of a babysitter lives near your place, you will not have to wait for a long time for them if you ever need their services. And you can also rest assured that if you end up coming home late, your babysitter can just go home nearby as well.

Life advice

How I personally dealt with having cancer

The moment the doctor told me that I had a tumor in my breast, I felt my stomach drop. I literally could not believe what the doctor was saying. Up until that point, I never thought that I would ever become a cancer patient. I had no inkling that I would ever have cancer in my own body. Yet, it happened to me even if I could not believe it was. It took a few days for me to process the news and decide what to do next.

Fighting the cancer was not easy. I opted to go for chemotherapy because it was the safest option. And I frequently had so many problems with my own health because of the chemotherapy. I was listless and had no energy. And my own mood was affected by my own low energy levels as well. There were a lot of times when I just wanted to give up because I just felt too tired. However, I fought on because I had my own family to watch out for. Cancer would not beat me because I still had a lot of my own life to live.

After the diagnosis of cancer, I decided to affect a few changes in my own life. After a decade of working as an educator, I decided to become a full-time mother. To become closer to my children, I quit my job as a teacher and devoted more of my time to become a mother and wife. I was very fortunate enough to have a supportive family that helped me in my own career transition. In fact, without my battle with cancer, I would never have started this blog. This blog came from the fact that when I quit my job as a teacher I had more free time. And I also felt like I had to share my own experiences after realizing that I could die of cancer!

Ever since beating back cancer, I decided to change my life for the better. I took up a lot of lifestyle changes the moment I beat back cancer and got it into remission. I decided to transition careers from being a full-time teacher to a full-time writer and blogger. And I also decided to change my health choices as well. I got into yoga, started a better diet, and generally change my lifestyle to become healthier. And ever since then I have not regretted any one of my decisions.

It is my hope that the story that I have shared of my cancer experiences also inspires other people with cancer to keep on fighting. You can survive cancer, do not let your diagnosis get you down. Just because you are diagnosed with cancer does not mean that it is the end of the world. There are things that you can do if you want to survive your cancer diagnosis. In fact, you can even thrive after your diagnosis. Just take a look at my own life; I changed for the better because of the stance I took with my own cancer battle.

Health advice

5 health benefits of taking up yoga

Yoga is something that I took up recently due to my goals of becoming healthier. After my cancer crisis, I decided to change a lot of my personal lifestyle choices to become healthier. And one of those choices that I have made is to start taking up yoga. And this is a decision that I have not ever regretted making. And I urge a lot of my own readers to start trying out Yoga themselves. There are a lot of positive effects, especially to your health, if you decide to try taking up yoga as well. These are the health benefits if you decide to start doing yoga.

  1. You will become more flexible. And flexibility in your body is actually a good thing. As you become older, you will actually appreciate that your body is more flexible. You are going to be at less risk of degenerative diseases and joint pain if you are more flexible.
  2. Relaxation is actually easier. Your mind and mood will become calmer if you start practicing A lot of medical professionals actually suggest doing yoga in order to deal with stress. And I can personally say that is true because the moment I started doing yoga, I found an inner peace that I had never before.
  3. You are going to lose weight faster! I have seen a lot of women shed of their baby weight just a few weeks after they have started doing yoga. The practice of yoga is about one of the most effective and healthiest ways that you can shed off any excess weight that you have. And it is also a really quick way to lose weight as well!
  4. Increased muscle and bone strength. Having stronger bones and muscles is actually a really good thing. If you have got a stronger muscle and bone system, you are actually going to be at a reduced risk of injury. You will get fewer muscle sprains, and you will find that you will also have more energy as well. And if you do get injured, you actually heal much faster.
  5. Better cardiovascular health. Yoga has actually been shown to actually reduce the risk of heart disease in the people that regularly practice it. If you would like to reduce the chances of getting a heart attack in the future, you should regularly practice doing yoga right now. The earlier that you start taking it up, the better it will be for you in the long run.


The best thing about yoga is that anyone can do it! Do not feel nervous about trying out yoga, it is more accessible than you think. Just be aware of the fact that it is better that if you want to try out yoga for the first time, it is a good idea if you have an instructor teach you. You can usually go to your nearest fitness center if you want to find a yoga instructor. After you have got the basics of yoga down, you can usually just continue on doing it yourself. And trust me you will love doing yoga!