Getting Back on Track with Five Fitness Weapons

by Elena on February 12, 2012 in Fitness

Five Fitness Weapons | Ciao Mom

Best intentions. Plans.  Goals. They have nothing on life.

The demands of work, family, and life have a way of tripping me up when it comes to my fitness intentions.  Last week I wrote about the nutritional weapons that I keep in my arsenal to combat emotional triggers. This week, it is time to focus on the fitness weapons that can be used to obliterate excuses, lack of time, and life.  Tools that if used wisely, can be the stepping stones to getting back on track.

5 Fitness Weapons to Get Back on Track, No Matter What

1. An alarm clock and calendar appointments.

I can set my alarm early in the morning like everyone else.  But sometimes I admit, I hit the snooze button instead of waking up. I have found two ways to avoid hitting snooze. Scheduling my workouts in my calendar and laying out my clothes the night before are concrete ways that keep me honest when I want to get up before work to get my workout done.  The alternative of seeing dismissed calendar reminders or my unused workout clothes, and the feelings of remorse and guilt for having hit snooze just because I could…are simply not worth it.

2. Great DVD Workouts

Yes, you read correctly. DVD’s and video games area  great way to make the most out of a short window of workout time.  I can always get on the treadmill or the bike trainer. But if I only have 30 minutes to workout, I want those thirty minute to be worth it, and since I am honest, I will admit, that I may not always push myself as hard as I should on the treadmill or bike.  A 30 minute workout like the Express 30 minute Full Body Workout by Physique 57 is a sure fire way to know that I did my very best in a short amount of time. I have not gotten to do the original (57 minute) Physique 57 Full Body workout as much as I would have liked to in the last few weeks, but getting in 30 minutes is do-able…and still quite challenging as far as workouts go.

3. Dedicated Workout Space

Five Fitness Weapons | Ciao Mom

I wish....

I recognize that I am lucky to have a room in our house, dedicated to working out. A treadmill, my bike trainer, great mats to provide padding on the floor, along with a television and DVD player are not things that everyone can replicate. But…having one space, whether it is your bedroom, your living room, your workout room, or your garage, to create your routine (and keep all of your stuff) is key.  If everything is in one place, all the time, you never know when you might be able to sneak in five minute to workout that you were not expecting.  Even if you are a gym goer, having one workout bag, that you keep in the same place in your house, keeps you well stocked and ready for an impromptu workout.

4. Music or TV

There are those that believe in running to the beat of your own brain. I call them purists, and although I admire them for running with only their mind as inspiration, I cannot, especially on a treadmill during the winter, run without music or television.  I am a firm believer in treating myself to a great new playlist, that I cannot wait to work out to, or a television program like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that makes for a great 45 minute passing of time.  I have been known to NOT watch a show on live television, so that I could record it with the DVR to have something to watch the next day.

5.  Fab Workout Clothes or Accessories

Yes, I said it. Clothes and accessories.  You need to understand, I learned very quickly that running shoes were not chosen because of color or style.  But having a few great pieces of accessories or clothes that you love to wear when you workout?  It makes a difference. I love running a race in my purple Team Sparkle skirt and rainbow race legs.  I may be slow, but the comments of people that pass me remarking on my sparkly self always make me smile.  And sometimes even glancing down at the fun shimmer and purple is enough to give me that extra little spring in my step. My newest fab find is my Sparkly Soul headband.  Even with my short hair, this purple gem of a thin headband, keeps my short but untamed locks out of my face.  And yes, I admit, I have a thing for purple and sparkle, I have worn this headband out and about after a workout.

There you have it. Five things designed to keep me on track. I admit, that despite these five steps, sometimes life still gets in the way. But being kind to myself and remembering each of these five steps, makes it that much easier to get back on track.

What about you? What gets  you back on track? 

Ciao Mom

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And? If that was not enough? Next week, check back because I am going to have a special mid winter giveaway for one lucky reader!  A Physique 57 Full Body Workout AND a Black Sparkly Soul Headband for one lucky fitness loving reader!

**Sparkly Soul provided me with a thin purple headband to try for the purpose of a review and another thick headband for the giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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StoriesAndSweetPotatoes February 13, 2012 at 1:54 pm

An alarm clock! Got to get up, get going and make time. I got up at 3:45am today for spin class :)

Natalie @MamaTrack February 15, 2012 at 9:12 pm

I love this because I’m struggling to be on track too. It’s so hard to find the time! But you have some great tricks. Thanks for sharing them! (And I’d love that workout space too. Sigh.)

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