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Getting Back on Track with Weight Watchers

September 6, 2017
Getting Back on Track with Weight Watchers

One foot in front of the other.

Heading toward a door.  A door that once you open it, just feels right.

The door was the door into a Weight Watchers meeting.

A new start. A new beginning.

Once upon a time I achieved Weight Watchers Lifetime status, weighing in at my lowest weight since early high school.  As in once upon a… 2007.

Since then, my weight has fluctuated, heading steadily up and up and up. Until, recently.  When I realized that I was at my heaviest non pregnancy weight, and I said, enough is enough.

Going back to a meeting for the first time is a bit scary. Lets be honest. With a tail between my legs, I took off my watch, my shoes, my sweatshirt, and even my glasses to try to save myself from that extra ounce on the scale.

Knowing that I had stayed away because I thought “I could do it.”

After all, I had done “it” before. I had lost all the weight.  The kitchen scale even has it’s own place in our kitchen….inside a drawer. I had not weighed or monitored my portions in well…a long time.

Until now. Because I know better.

Despite eating a relatively healthy diet, high in vegetables and fruit, I has lost touch with what I knew. Portions. Tracking. Being accountable for even the smallest bite that goes into my mouth.

There is of course a huge fitness component for me.  While I can lose weight by just keeping track of my Points Plus, I lose the most weight, and feel the healthiest, when my fitness level is high.

So it is with great joy that I share that in my first week back on plan with Weight Watchers, I lost 3.8 pounds. And in case you are wondering, 3.8 is nothing to scoff at.  I could feel the difference….even if just emotionally.

I know better than to think that I will pull such big numbers on the scale each week.I am not at the Biggest Loser Ranch. I am home, working full time, traveling to Haiti, trying to fit in at least three (eventually leading to five) workouts every week.  But for today, for this week. 3.8 was just what I needed.

Even if it means saving my points during the day for that glass of wine at night. Even if it means giving myself a bit more leniency on Saturday. Jennifer Hudson may be the face of Weight Watchers, but the soul? The heart? Those are within each member as they walk through that door.

Because that door is a reminder.

It reminds me that it is possible. It will happen.