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How to Fight Flight Boredom with Audio Books and Short Novels

May 6, 2017
How to Fight Flight Boredom with Audio Books and Short Novels

So it’s going to be a long flight home. As you find out your flight is delayed another three hours from the snowstorm, you anticipate a long, long day of traveling ahead. Traveling on a flight that doesn’t offer in-flight movies, extras, or entertainment options can make the whole trip seem like a lifetime. If you’re traveling alone, it’s times like these that a great music collection, novel, or stack of magazines can offer some great company.

Some new options await this year, that may just boost your spirits and help you spend your time well. It’s easy to pick up a pre-recorded book complete with headphones and batteries to accompany your carry on baggage. Or, take along a short book that already has an anticipated reading time printed on the back; your choice of 1-3 hours, depending on the length of your travels (or lack of).

Audio fiction and nonfiction titles, in short bites, are a great option for frequent travelers who are looking for minimal fuss. Pick up the Play Away Digital audio books for the latest titles, new releases, or your favorite classics. These pint-sized books include their own set of headphones. Each feature is a full narration of your book in an easy-to-carry miniature box. The box itself looks like a miniature size version of the hardcover title. The company has recently launched a custom library too, allowing downloads and streaming music in addition to your recent read. offers a time scale of fiction novels for your selection Ranging from 1-3 hours, the book list currently highlights westerns and a few thrillers. The company plans to expand the titles list to include nonfiction, business books, and even self-help topics as the company grows. Still, this is a great way to find a quick time-filling activity if the reading rack at the airport disappoints. is the place to pick up your favorite, and the website features summaries and upcoming releases when needed.

For crossword and game lovers, there’s still plenty to choose from at the airport’s convenience store or kiosks. Track down some crossword puzzles or cryptograms to decipher; or, catch the Sudoku craze and stock up on the foldover tablet books that fit neatly into any backpack or purse. For the digitally inclined, keep your mind sharp with the touch screen handheld console loaded with the New York Time crossword puzzle. The device looks like a PDA, and offers some of today’s most challenging puzzles that can keep you busy for hours.

Delayed flights, inconsistent flight schedules, or just having to kill time at the airport can add to the stressors in traveling. When you’re stuck for entertainment options, or just need to occupy your mind with something creative, pick up a few interesting reads and activities in today’s most convenient formats. Your travel time will zip by faster than ever!