Movie Night: Life of Pi

by Elena on November 28, 2012 in Living,Reviews

Life of Pi hit movie theaters last, based on the 2001 novel by Yann Martel. As someone who enjoys the movies, but rarely takes the time or makes the effort (babysitters and all) to make movie night a regular occurrence, I am usually the last person to even know that a movie is showing.  Granted, we just saw Skyfall for a much needed date night, and are looking forward to Les Miserables in December….but for the most part, I am the person that watches the Oscars to make a list of movies to watch On Demand.

Since we were visiting my parents, who unlike us, are avid movie goers AND had read the book, we decided to tag along for a Friday night showing of Life of Pi in 3D.

Life of Pi

Movie image by Fox 2000 Pictures

Except that I quickly realized, you don’t just tag along for Life of Pi.  This is a movie that tells a story, one that seems far fetched but inspires nonetheless. A story that makes you wonder, question, and hope.  A movie that  I could summarize in three ways:

Big scenes.

Fancy technology.

Take your breath away imagery.

Life of Pi leaves you with questions. It keeps you guessing as you leave the theater and head home to ponder an allegory that is raised only at the very end. It makes you question your own life and your own experiences.

Which of course is why I liked the movie. Even though I cannot begin to formulate coherent thoughts about whether or not I would be able to survive being stranded in a boat, with our without an adult Bengal tiger….the ideas of hope, resourcefulness, resiliency, adaptability make the Life of Pi a movie that will linger in the imaginations and thoughts of audiences everywhere.

Movie nights and date nights are a rare occurrence for many parents. And as much as Rocket and I enjoyed a recent date night for Skyfall, Life of Pi is like a great glass of wine. It may not explode in your mouth like a 007 adventure, but it will linger. And linger. And linger.

Ciao Mom


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