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Parenting Young Children: How to Be a Calmer Parent

May 31, 2017
Parenting Young Children: How to Be a Calmer Parent

Raising children is not easy. Raising children is generally not calming, but rather chaotic and sometimes stressful. Siblings fight, rules get broken, and bills pile up. It can be very difficult to juggle family and career as well. All of this combined with all of the other aspects of life can leave parents feeling anything but calm.

The truth of the matter is that none of the above matters to your child. Little kids don’t know how hard it is to raise a family, pay bills, or juggles work and home. They don’t know and they don’t care. All a little kid knows is that they don’t feel happy or good if mom and Dad are stressed.

Parents need to try their best to be calm despite anything. We need to do this for our children. Here are some ideas to help you be the calmest parent you can be, despite it all, for your children.

The first thing you can and should do in order to be a calmer parent, and person, is to make sure that you are making and taking the time to take care of yourself. All too often parents take care of everything but themselves. When this cycle continues for too long parents burn out. Make time and take time to take care of you every day. Eat a healthy balanced diet, enjoy a daily shower as a relaxing getaway, take a vitamin to keep yourself in tip top shape.

Exercise ties into the first tip but is actually the second. It’s more than just taking care of your body. Exercise is also a form of stress release. Stress relief, if you will. Setting twenty minutes or so to work out or to walk can greatly lower your stress level leaving you not only calmer for your children, but also healthier.

Many parents lose their calmness when their children start to act up. Did you know that when a parent loses their cool when their kids are misbehaving that they are actually giving their children a reaction that will encourage more unacceptable behavior? Oh yeah, it’s true. If a child is doing something wrong and they get a good reaction from their parents they consider it attention. They also see that it is bothersome and will not hesitate to keep it up until Mom or Dad gives in, giving them what they want or allowing them to do whatever. When parents remain calm and do not allow their feathers to be ruffled it takes all of the fun out of it for the kids. They realize when a parent remains calm that it won’t work, only discipline will be enforced. Consistent discipline along with parental calmness can reduce unacceptable behaviors to almost none. That is calming in itself.

The last way to be calmer as a parent is to not let the little things bother you. Kids will be kids. Hen parents allow every little thing to make them lose their calm they are never going to be calm. Learn to let the little things go. Don’t worry so much, or at least try not to. Don’t fret over every problem or every squabble your children have. Use problem solving skills when big problems arise and let all of the rest go. Like if you’re child is having problems completing their online Edgenuity E2020 homework answers, then you shouldn’t get frustrated. You can just head to and get the latest E2020 Edgenuity Answer Keys. Remember, it’s best if you portray confidence when working with your child on online homework. That alone calm make you calmer as a parent, and as a person, giving you and your family a calmer life all together. Good luck and relax!