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Top 11 Favorite Airports

June 2, 2017
Top 11 Favorite Airports

Travellers hate to spend more time than they have to at an airport. I’m no exception.

But if I had to spend some time at the airport, these 11 would be my favorite airports to spend time at.

Denver International Airport, Colorado- The Rocky Mountains come to the airport.

Salt Lake City International, Utah- It’s very close to the city of Salt Lake and like DIA, the Rocky Mountains really come to the airport. When you land, the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains are the first thing you see.

Pittsburgh International, Pennsylvania-Who needs to go to the mall when this airport has all the stores you want or need?

Boston Logan Airport-Massachusettes- At what other airport in the United States besides Baltimore -Washington International can you pick up a live lobster to bring back home?

Las Vegas McCarren Airport-Nevada- Ching! Ching! even before you hit the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Singapore Changi Airport,Singapore- Free internet, comfy sofas in the lounge area, not to mention the free movie theater. No wonder this airport is ranked as one of the best airports in the world.

Minneapolis-St.Paul International,Minnesota-For the child in you, where else can you be greeted by a statue of “Snoopy”?

San Francisco International, California-Ghiradelli chocolate and sourdogh bread stands. It’s easy to leave your heart in San Francisco.

Kuala Lumpur International, Malaysia-An airport in the middle of a rainforest.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, Georgia- Home of my favorite airport restaurant, Paschal’s for good old Southern style comfort food.

Calgary International, Canada-You know you’re in cowboy and cowgirl country when the Customer Service agents greet you with a smile and the famous white cowboy hats.