Making a Travel Wish-List for 2013

by Elena on October 30, 2012 in Travel

Wish lists are a hot topic on our house right now. My daughter has made three wish-lists recently: her birthday,  Hanukkah, and one for her school book fair. So instead of persusing her wish-lists I decided to make my own, focused on travel for 2013.  (Because also, looking outside at the pouring rain coming from Hurricane Sandy, thinking about travel is a coping mechanism to weather the storm).

My  travel wish-list for 2013

Adventure & Active Travel

One of my biggest takeaways after our trip to Italy this summer and the four days spent hiking in Cortina, was that planning travel that involves the outdoors is something that we all enjoy.  Taking an active trip where we can challenge ourselves with new adventures is good for us as a family as well as individuals.  Which is why adventure and active types of travel destinations are on the top of my travel wish-list.

Costa Rica
Hiking, beaches, forests, waterfalls….Costa Rica seems to have it all.

Photo by dotpitch

Hawaii is….Hawaii. Volcanoes, beaches.   From the Big Island to Maui.

Photo by eliduke

Grand Canyon
I have always felt like the Grand Canyon was one of those places that you just “had” to visit. But more than a “have to,” as I have gotten older, I feel like it is a destination that can spur reflection and an awakening because of the natural beauty that surrounds you.  

Quebec City
French speaking, European feel… the idea of exploring Quebec City appeals to me on so many levels. There is hiking, and the city even has a marathon (it is one of my contenders for a 2013 return to 26.2), fabulous food and wine, and of course old world charm.

Jackson Hole Wyoming
Hiking, hiking, and more hiking. The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, the Snake River. Did I mention hiking? Of course,  it could be for skiing as well. 

Photo by dave_hensley

Cultural and Historical Travel

I have been a fan of Egyptian history since I was in elementary school. The stories of the pyramids were magical and the landscape is breathtaking.

London and Paris
I know, these are two distinctly different cities, with distinctly different cultures.  I have not been to London or Paris in many years, and the idea of strolling, visiting markets and museums, eating…. I think I would appreciate Paris much more now than the time I went right before college when we feasted on baguettes and crepes (oh wait, maybe I would still do that), with a day at Euro Disney.

Just for Fun Travel

(Except that of course, isn’t all travel, just for fun?)

San Francisco, Napa, & Big Sur
I might have gotten the California travel bug during my last trip to Santa Barbara.  Napa and Big Sur have the allure of wine and vistas, and San Francisco seems like a foodie must do.

Photo by  Frank Kehren

Disney World
Yes, Disney World is on the list. Except…shhh….I would like to Disney World alone, without a child during the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon  weekend.

Vancouver has been described as a European outpost….great food, beautiful attractions, nice climate.

Will I make it to each one of these destinations in 2013? No. Would I like to? Yes. Not to mention, there are so many other places I would happily spend a weekend or week. New York City, Boston, a spa like resort that sits on a beach, lake, or river.  Plus…I am already thinking ahead to 2013 with my idea of focusing on long distance running races that are destination related. As in… Bermuda.

What about you? What places are your 2013 travel wish-list? 

Ciao Mom

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jodifur October 30, 2012 at 1:05 pm

We were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon for Spring break. But we changed our plans because airfare for 3 people was outrageous.

Elena October 30, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Airfare is crazy expensive right now. It definitely creates a few dilemmas as far as planning and following through!

tracy@sellabitmum October 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

I wish we could go somewhere. We haven’t taken a vacation in four years because of the cost. I love your list!!!

Elena October 30, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Costs are so prohibitive. One of the good things about my not teaching anymore is that we can go at off peak times if it is just my husband and I, and we try to use miles or cash back from credit cards to book whatever we can. But still, it is crazy expensive. (which is why I will never get to all those places in one year much less two or three–but a girl can dream right?)

Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio October 30, 2012 at 9:24 pm

Such a great list! If you need a travel companion let me know :)

Tonya Staab October 31, 2012 at 11:07 am

On our list for next year are Australia, Disneyland, Hawaii, and Seattle.

We had the Grand Canyon on our list this year and ended up heading out there in May, it was fabulous. You will love San Francisco, Big Sur and Napa too.

Onika Knowles November 1, 2012 at 3:21 am

Before this year ends I am planning to visit Hawaii and also the Grand Canyon. Those are top on my travel wish list.

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