Traveling Friday

by Elena on April 13, 2012 in blogging about blogging

Friday, Friday, Friday.

One week and a few days away from my first post surgical workout. 3 weeks away from my trip to Key Biscayne Florida for Mom 2.0, and 3 weeks away from my stage debut as part of the Listen To Your Mother DC cast.

There are so many things brewing and being planned in my brain right now…Future things. Exciting things. A career transition. A crazy idea that maybe just maybe another marathon is in my future.  Collaborating on a grant to return to Haiti to provide sustainable technology training.

But instead of allowing my brain to think ahead, today is about my travels. Not my spring break travels, or my future travel to Italy this summer. But to two very special places.

The first is a trip that I took at the request of Kristin of What She Said. She is hosting a series this week on family planning, and asked me to reflect on my choice to only have one child. Which of course was not that clear of a choice for a while, nor was it something that I entirely had control over. But as I wrote the post, in my head, from my post hysterectomy hospital room, I realized that in many respects, being “Just The Three of Us” was a choice that I had subconsciously made in my head a long time ago.

My second trip was to the land of labels. Well ok, not the sticky labels that you put on your child’s things to keep them from lost. (The things, not your children—though well maybe your children too!). Anyway Robin Farr, one of my dearest bloggy friends, whose opinion I admire and respect, and who I am lucky to have on the Just.Be.Enough. team made a suggestion to take a look at Ashley Judd’s “Conversation” as she responded to media comments about her face being puffy. Robin thought it would be a perfect fit for Just.Be.Enough…and from there, labels emerged. Labels are put on our families, on us, as women, men, parents, professionals.  Instead of sitting idly by, with labels affixed to us, that take away from all that we truly are, it is time to stand up and shed our labels. Which in bloggy terms means that Just.Be.Enough. is hosting a prompted Be Enough Me on April 23rd. It is going to be a powerful link up, with the voices of many, and I sincerely hope you will head over to read about why it is so important.

Whats your label | Just.Be.Enough.

You could say that I am asking you for some clicks to these two posts…and it is true, I am. You could also think of it as being my travel buddy…taking two little mini trips that I promise you will not regret. Maybe you will even stay a while and write a postcard (aka comment!)?

Ciao Mom

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