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We Made Family T-Shirts With Our Heat Press

April 15, 2017
We Made Family T-Shirts With Our Heat Press

We had the 2017 family reunion a few days ago. It was an absolutely amazing time! We had over 50 of our immediate family and cousins there! This is by far the biggest showing that we ever had. To commemorate the occasion, we created T-Shirts for our family using our brand new heat press machine!

We chose to make our own using a heat press rather than buy them because we are such a creative family! Buying them from your usual shirt manufacturer would have been more cost effective, but would not have been nearly as much fun.

We spent about 30 hours making all 50 shirts. I’m sure that we could have done it faster, but spending quality time with our family was much more important than being very efficient.

We used a PowerPress heat press machine with Siser glitter vinyl; simply because we wanted our shirts to be fabulous! The shirts took about 20 minutes each to make.

Typically the Ciao Mom family will do some sort of family unity craft. In the past we have crafted ribbons to coordinate with what branch of the family tree we are on.

We did have an assembly line crafting the t-shirts comprised of several generations of our family. The grandparents were in charge of actually using the heat press. The moms and dads were in charge of making sure all of the transfer vinyl was properly lined up on the shirts. Of course, the kids had the most fun out of anyone since they were the ones designing the shirts.

While we liked to think that they would follow the crafting guidelines that us adults had set forth, they surely did not. However, the end result was amazing!

What resulted was the finest family made shirts that I have ever seen. Okay, maybe I am a bit biased since they were made by my family; but I couldn’t have been prouder of how everything came out! Coming together as a family to make something so wonderful and seeing everyone get all crafty with a heat press and vinyl was really a joy in my life. I’ll cherish these memories forever!