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And Now What?

September 6, 2017
And Now What?

Telling the story. Living life one moment at a time. That is what I say when I am asked what I write about here on Ciao Mom.

Except that I have realized lately that I seem to be telling a very different story from the one that I started to tell almost three years ago. Back then the story was about getting remarried and lots and lots of parenting. Principessa this, Principessa that. A little fitness thrown in here and there, but mostly, mom-mommy-parenting stuff.

Which of course is not what I am writing about anymore. Or at least, not primarily. Which begs the question…is Ciao Mom even the appropriate name of this space? Have I transitioned away from the MOM content so much that I need a new name? And the best question…does it really even matter?

People talk of the importance of having a niche. Which of course is driven by your content. But the truth is that I have struggled over the last three years to define my blogging niche. I never did fit neatly into mom blogger. Nor did I fit nicely into fitness blogger. Or travel blogger. Or cause blogger.

And again…does it really even matter?

I think about where I am heading. Looking back at my editorial calendar I realize that my focus is non existent. Travel, fitness, great causes, cars, food, technology, career, social media, and a sprinkle of parenting makes me NICHE-Less. There are topics that I am really very knowledgeable about. Topics that you might even say that I am considered an expert and leader…like education, best practices in instruction, or even fostering reflective conversations through coaching that I do not even write about, because well, I don’t. But I think about it. About whether or not I should.

Which is of course why, in large part, I am trying to find my WHY. But the question remains…is a more narrow focus better? Or is writing whatever you are passionate about enough?

Or again, does it matter?

Clearly there is a transition happening. In my writing. In my career. In my mind.  A transition that I have probably not even fully understood. But it strikes me that there are probably a great many opinions out there about this topic…this idea of niche or no niche. Focus or lack there of.

So…what do you think? Is one better than the other? Does it matter? Chime in with your opinion.